Champions of Krynn – A Computer Gaming World of Mystery and Adventure

Champions of Krynn is a computer game, the second in a trio of Dragonlance Advanced Dungeons & Dragons gold box games. The game was originally released in 1990. It uses the pen-and-paper role playing system. The only high-end graphic setting supported on the MS-DOS version was EGA graphics. This version has many graphical features that the later versions do not, such as detailed maps and 3D effects.


In Champions of Krynn, players take on the roll of three-part party characters battling the evil dungeonlord Naga. This is after the evil wizardess Xorn captured the king, who is also considered to be the most powerful spellcaster in the whole land. The group of heroes and the player himself have special powers that the player can use in order to fight the monsters and level up their characters. The three parts are Mages, Rogues, and Soldiers.

Champions of Krynn

In contrast with the earlier version of the game, this one has a very different story. There is actually no need to kill anyone in this game. The three parts instead progress through a storyline. The Mages, are required to travel to other planes of existence in order to learn more about the magic system of the people of the land. In this way, they will be able to defeat the evil guild master Naga and end the evil reign in Krynn.


Unlike previous Forgotten realms games, Champions of Krynn does not make use of the mouse. Instead, this type of game utilizes the keyboard arrow keys. The use of the space bar and the Enter key are required in pressing the commands. The arrow keys also provide the same functions as well. In addition, the left mouse button functions as the space bar, and the right mouse button becomes the Return key.


This latest installment of the forgotten realms RPG offers many game differences and improvements compared to the previous versions. One notable improvement is the new item system in Champions of Krynn. Players now have the option to purchase and equip themselves with better equipment for the battle. Furthermore, they are also given the chance to increase the Might, Agility, and Stamina of their characters through the use of monster stats. At higher levels, these items are also required to be equipped by the players in order to be able to fight against stronger opponents.


The second noticeable improvement is the game’s improved camera view. This new feature allows the players to observe each of their actions during gameplay. Moreover, it allows them to zoom through the battlefield to detect and eliminate targets without losing sight of other party members. There are also several visual spells that can be used by champions which can greatly improve players’ chances of winning the random encounters in Champions of Krynn.


The Champions of Krynn strategy guides are written by Chris Delay and Tim Parent. These two authors created an in-depth guide for those who are interested in playing Champions of Krynn in the best possible way. Their guide features a complete walkthrough of the entire game as well as detailed information about all of the quests and the mini-games within the game. The hand map provided by the authors also contains detailed maps of each area and mission. The hand map was designed to allow the user to know exactly where they should go to complete each task.

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The Champions of Krynn team has put a lot of effort into ensuring that the gameplay is fun and exciting. They have spent several months designing and rebaking the gameplay to make it as smooth as possible. The result of their hard work is the extremely enjoyable computer gaming world of Champions of Krynn. This project has certainly paid off for the team at Interplay. The team has received more than six million dollars from sales of their game.