Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – PC Game Review

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an online action/adventure game developed by Mediatonic and released by Devolver Digital. It was originally released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in August 2021. However, it has now been ported to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo DS. Game Walkthrough has been providing you with a Game Walkthrough for this game.

Game Overview – This game shows the story of a street fighter named Sam Haine who stumbles across an ancient treasure map in China. Upon locating the treasure map, he gets into trouble and has to defeat a number of opponents to free himself. On his way, he also encounters an assortment of knockout challenges. The game shows various obstacles and combat situations that provide the player with the necessary skills to complete each level. The game shows its story through cut scenes and mini movies as well.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - PC Game Review

Game Features – Players have a choice of challenges for each level. There are many types of obstacles such as bump mowers, fire throwers, acid sprayers, and bludgedomes which can be used to challenge players when they fall down or get hit by an obstacle. The player has to use all the available objects on the screen and avoid getting hit by any of the objects so that they don’t lose score and they don’t fail the challenge.

Game Walkthrough – This walkthrough has been providing a detailed description of the game that includes the objectives, time left, and how many players are on the playing field at one time. Game Walkthrough provides details about how to clear all the stages and about how to defeat the final boss at every level. The entire game has been designed with easy controls and it is quite interesting to see how each obstacle is beaten and managed. It has also helped users to easily manage their time online.

Online Leader boards – Users can compete with each other online. The players can see their results on the online leader board and can see where they stand in the world in terms of scores. The objective of each round is to clear all the hurdles before the time runs out. If the player fails to clear all the hurdles before time runs out, he will fall into the next round. The online leader boards feature some of the most difficult obstacle courses featuring some of the hardest obstacle courses in the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game.

Game Modes – There are various modes to play the game. There is single player mode which is more of a game against bots, where there is a limited number of lives to use and clear the obstacle courses. There is a versus mode where players can pit their wits against each other. There is a practice mode to hone the skills of each player. In single player mode, players have to survive ten minutes of obstacle courses and reach the finish line without touching the bottom line or touching any spikes.

Game Play – The game is designed with a very user friendly interface. The user interface has good visual effects. It is very nice to see the different landscapes in the top view as well as to see the different characters and the different obstacles on the screen including the lightning bolts that are placed in different locations. The game offers different playing strategies such as trying to collect all the gold crown shards before time runs out and trying to win by having the highest score at the end of the 2021 obstacle courses.

In the game, the player will be taken to the conclusion of the story where they will be asked to select one of the two endings. The players can also change various aspects of the game such as the difficulty by playing with the advanced features. Some of the challenges in the game require advanced strategy thinking and quick reflexes. However, the players can choose to play with the basic set up where they can only earn the coins and not earn anything else. There is also an option where the players can skip the story mode and start off with the obstacle course. The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout does have some of the same elements as other games that are based on the idea of acrobatics but it gives a different twist to the idea.