Fear the Wolves Early Access Game Review

Fear the Wolves is a game that promises to satisfy your hidden object fantasies. What you need to know is whether it lives up to those expectations or not. Gameplay and voice overs are very basic but that does not take away from the fun factor. The game is all about solving puzzles and searching dark caves while fighting and battling the wolves who want to devour you. Gameplay involves simple point and click gameplay but does get quite addictive once you start playing. Some of the scenes are beautifully rendered with amazing effects.


The story revolves around a young girl who is looking for her family who has disappeared. The helicopter she was looking for was supposed to be on a secret mission but suddenly disappeared without any notification. Searching the remote areas of the forests, she meets The Predator which attacks her and is after the location of her family. She then starts to experience visions of a battle royal game and the player needs to find and save her father before it’s too late.

Fear the Wolves Early Access Game Review

Gameplay is mostly just clicking and moving the cursor while avoiding the wolves. Although, there are other aspects that need to be learned such as avoiding obstacles and the usage of items at strategic places. It can get quite confusing and players may feel lost at some points. However, early access demos of the game can help players get used to the gameplay and the visual effects. It also provides users with some tips on how to level up and defeat the monsters.


The Predator is a new battle royale game based on the novel “The wolves”. It is all about a group of teenage girl gamers who have been bitten by the same wolf. The girl starts out as a lowly employee but through her transformation, she learns to kill the wolves. However, she has to survive the early levels and complete the game before she gains more power and abilities. There is also another player character who fights alongside the main character.


The heroine has to fight her way through a populated jungle with lots of monsters lurking in the shadows. There is also a big stadium in the background where she has to defeat the monster wave which starts to come in. Although the graphics and sound are not very impressive, the game is fairly enjoyable due to its frantic pace. The player has to use a various weapons, plants, and skills during the battle to win over the monsters.


Unlike the other monsters in the game, the wolves do not attack with their bites but use their claws to tear off the flesh of their victims. They are fast and agile so players will have a hard time chasing them. During the early stages of the game, the protagonist must find the means to feed them with nuts or seeds so they will continue to stay on the field. When they become hungry, they will head for the feeding ground so the player should learn how to effectively fight them.


Fear the Wolves is one of those PC games that have a variety of exciting features, like the dynamic weather system, various playing styles, and plenty of challenging levels. However, the unique setting and storyline make it different from most other games out there. Many people consider it a sandbox kind of game, meaning that the players are free to choose what they want to do in the game. The player is allowed to decide what type of game they would prefer to play, the story they would like to follow, and even the settings they would like to experience.


If you are looking for an exciting, action-packed, horror themed PC game, then Fear the Wolves is definitely a game that you should check out. It has all the ingredients that make up an exciting game, including a good story, great artwork, and great gameplay. With early access to the game, players can experience the first two chapters, “The Prologue,” “Chapter 1” today as a part of their Steam purchase, but the game’s full version should be available at a reasonable price soon enough. So don’t delay; get Fear the Wolves right now!