Genshin Impact Mobile Game

Genshin Impact is a new mobile game developed by Big Fish Games. The story behind the Genshin Impact Mobile Game centers on how Lord Genshin, the Japanese emperor was defeated by the British and was taken, prisoner. He escapes from his captors and tries to reach the shores of America where he intends to live peacefully. Unfortunately, his ship is attacked by a pirate and he is forced to return to Japan where he is put into internment once again. During this time he has an encounter with a female pirate who takes him in her ship, Genshin Maru, and becomes his pen pal. Here he must do battle with the Japanese navy as well as other sea-going vessels in order to survive.

Genshin Impact Mobile Game

Genshin Impact’s Characters

There are several characters you can choose to control in Genshin Impact including the protagonist, who is Lord Genshin. There are various levels in this game as well as a time limit in which you have to complete the challenge before advancing to the next one. As you advance through the game, you will also meet various other interesting characters that can help you in your quest to defeat the enemy. However, you will need to complete the game with the same character so that you can continue the journey with them.

Although it may seem to be too much, you actually have the chance to control two characters at the same time so that you can have more control over the gameplay. Two characters can rotate around the screen and take turns performing different actions. This makes it easier to synchronize the action of the two characters and enjoy the game on this platform.

The premise of Genshin Impact is simple enough but it does make you think a bit when playing it on mobile. When you first start the game, Genshin Maru is standing in the middle of the ocean with a giant ship on the horizon. You can see two ships approaching from the front and you have to choose which one to attack first. Once the ships have engaged each other, the Genshin will move to the side and allow you to launch your ship towards the approaching ship. It will then sink and allow the sinking ship to damage the Genshin Maru. The goal of the game is to sink as many ships as possible and win the game.

Why Play Genshin Impact?

If you are playing the game on mobile, you will notice that you can view all the events from all angles. This way, you can quickly view the Genshin Maru and destroy it before it sinks. There are several other challenging levels included in the package. These include the boss battles where you will have to destroy multiple enemies before you can move on to another ship. Again, you will need to take your time and enjoy the game since you are likely to die in these games.

If you enjoy sailing games, you will enjoy Genshin Impact mobile because there are two versions available for you to play. You can try the free trial version before you decide whether or not you want to purchase the paid version. It is a fairly simple game to play that will provide you with hours of enjoyment. Once you have played the free trial, you will be ready to start enjoying the real game. There is a level that provides you with advanced obstacles that will keep you entertained.

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In addition to playing the mobile game, you can also use your finger to play the touch screen to direct the ship around the course of the game. If you like playing games using the accelerometer, then you will love navigating the boat through the different courses that are offered. If you would like to experience a more realistic ocean environment, you can select the Pro mode that offers various ocean sounds and visuals to make the experience more realistic.

If you love pirates, then you will love Genshin Impact. This is another classic pirate game that provides you with the equipment that you need to enjoy this exciting adventure. The game has many levels that will offer you a challenge as you maneuver the boat and avoid the obstacles that come along the way. If you love this type of game, then you will definitely enjoy this one when it launches on April 24th. If you are interested in downloading this game, then you can go to the Google Play Store and search for “gaein impact” to learn more about this exciting download.

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