Hitman Go Mobile Game

Hitman Go Mobile Game is the sequel to the Hitman series. Before we proceed further, let us know what is Hitman Go! It is a game that revolves around a secret mission and its target, a celebrity. In this game, he has to perform stunts and kill enemies using various weapons and gadgets.

Hitman Go follows the story of hitman Michael Knight, who has once again fallen into wrong clutches after a plane crashes and wiped out most of his men. Now he has to find a way to rescue his stranded partner and escape from the island’s wrath. Apart from the gorgeous visuals and catchy storyline, Hitman Go mobile game has also got a number of unique advantages that set it apart from its competitors.

Hitman Go Mobile Game

Advantages of Playing Hitman Go

Let us discuss one of the most obvious advantages – the gorgeous visuals. If you love playing captivating and adventurous games then you will definitely love Hitman Go since it comes with stunning visuals. If you are someone who is not very familiar with mobile gaming, then you might get confused with the gameplay and the interface might prove too complex for you to understand but once you play through the game you will surely fall in love with it. The reason why Hitman Go mobile game is not getting popular is probably that it lacks a sufficient amount of content and the only thing that deters players from playing the game is its lengthy gameplay.

How To Play Hitman Go?

However, we should understand the basic concept behind this game and see how it can be beneficial for those who use smartphones. To start with the game is simple enough to comprehend. You have to find out clues about the crime and follow them to the conclusion. The difficulty level starts off moderate and then the challenges increase with every level. You can also enjoy taking pictures and enjoying the gorgeous visuals on the hitman go mobile game. These are simple and easy and the players should expect a similar experience using their smartphone devices as they would on a personal computer or gaming console.

A popular criticism of the Hitman Go mobile game is the lack of content. Even though there are eight levels and three types of challenges on offer, the players still have no choice but to play the first two levels before moving to the difficult third level. However, this problem can be addressed by the developers by including more content in the game which means users won’t get bored with the game. The best way to make sure players don’t get bored is to provide plenty of side missions and challenges so players feel satisfied after playing all the levels.

Devices That Can Play The Game

We also know that the Hitman Go mobile game is available only for iOS devices that are powered by iOS devices. Since Hitman Go has not been introduced to any other operating system, it is unlikely to come out for Android and Windows Phone smartphones. If Hitman Go were to be released for any other OS, the players would have to transfer their files to the new platform, which would most likely work against the developer. This might mean the mobile game developers will need to change their strategy if they wish to bring Hitman Go to other mobile devices.

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Developers might want to focus on some new features that will help users enjoy the game more. One such feature could be the possibility to switch between portrait mode and landscape mode. As there are many IOS devices with large screens, portrait mode is the ideal mode for viewing the screen. The downside to this however is that it might be difficult to view important information like the game stats when in portrait mode. It is also very likely there won’t be any more in-game videos as this feature requires additional downloads. If Hitman Go were to be made available for Android and Windows Phone smartphones, we can expect these issues to be addressed in the future.


In the end, Hitman Go on mobile can be considered a great cross between a Hitman Go video game and an IOS game. The beautiful visuals, mesmerizing soundtrack, and engaging gameplay turn the gameplay into an experience that can’t be recreated on any other platform. If you loved the first Hitman Go video game, you’ll love Hitman Go on mobile. The simple gameplay and the beautiful visuals can’t be achieved using any other gaming platform. The IOS platform has managed to create a niche for itself however and has thus created space for new games to be developed. Hitman Go on mobile is just one example of this.

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