How To Save Money on Quests In Fallout 4

For those of you who haven’t played previous installments in this award winning video game series, or are still unfamiliar with it, I’ll cover some background here. For those of you who like fantasy with a little edge, then you’re in for a treat. For the rest of you, enjoy the story and gameplay of Fallout 4!


Fallout 4 is set 20 years after the events of The Wolf Among Us. Your character in this game is a Courier and has become part of a secret organization known as the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is an alliance of communities that exists to protect humanity, while the bad guys are those groups that are trying to do bad things. This time around the bad guys has taken over the city called Vanuatu. This is where your travels begin in Fallout 4.

How To Save Money on Quests In Fallout 4

One thing I’ll mention right off the bat is to make sure you have a good supply of bullets and weapons. Because Vanuatu is a large island, one major area you will explore is the ocean floor. There are underwater combat areas where you can soak up damage without a worry since there are no health centers to be found underwater. Also, don’t forget to bring plenty of food and water to replenish your inventory. These are just a couple of tips to survive in the wastes of Vanuatu.


The story of fallout 4 follows that of the original game. As stated before, the Commonwealth is protecting humanity, and their greatest enemy is the merciless gangs called the raiders. There are many different quests to complete throughout the Commonwealth as well as individual ones for the individual families. There are also several quests that you must complete in order to gain access to different cities throughout the Commonwealth. One quest in particular is called the Brotherhood of Steel quest, and it’s set in the town of Concord. Once you finish this quest your next step is to head over to the raider base and kill all the NCR troops inside.


When going through the Commonwealth, remember to pay close attention to the radiation suits. You will collect irradiated metal throughout your adventures in Fallout 4. You can collect the radiation suits in two ways, completing side quests or by using power armor. Using power armor will cause your radiation levels to be even more devastating than if you had worn a radiation suit in the original game.


Some of the most interesting things to find while playing fallout 4 are dog meat, a dead body, and an irradiated baby. Dog meat is always useful, but the dead body and baby are interesting to find, especially if you have completed the quests associated with them. The radiation suit and the dog meat can be used by vendors to turn them into cash, which is helpful for buying supplies while traveling from location to location in Fallout 4.


The best way to get the best armor and weapons in-game without spending any real money is to complete the side quests associated with them. The dog meat and irradiated baby found on dead bodies can be collected for use in various vendors, such as the black market, or with a repair skill of fifty. The armor and weapons will not help much if you don’t have a high enough repair skill, but you will make your character more effective at damaging enemies with ranged attacks and melee combat. Some people prefer using one type of armor while other types are used more often.


One of my favorite parts of fallout 4 is the optional sidequests that are present in the game. These are not required to complete the story, but they do add some fun to the game. Some of these sidequests will help you make your character more effective and others will help you defeat a boss and gain a level. The best thing to do is to make sure you complete all the optional quests before moving on to the harder quests to gain experience and level up.