Hyper Scape Game Review

Hyper Scape is one of the most unique MMORPGs on the market today. Lead designer Christianofer Gaudio’s design goal with Hyper Scape was to create an MMORPG that wasn’t simply a representation of the popular massively multiplayer online role playing games, (MMORPG) on the market today. They wanted to create an MMORPG that took the concept of an MMORPG and elevated it to a new level. Through great gameplay, compelling storyline, and amazing visuals, Hyper Scape has a lot to offer to players looking for a new kind of gaming experience. If you’re interested in playing Hyper Scape, you’ve got just found your gold mines. Let’s get started.


For those of you unfamiliar with the game, in Hyper Scape you play as a High Tech Police Officer who is called out to secure the peace in a small town. There are two types of gameplay in Hyper Scape, first-person shooting, and first-person exploration. While first-person exploration is more common in many other MMORPGs, it does introduce a number of frustrating and time consuming gameplay traps. Fortunately, first-person gameplay can be disabled or switched to using keyboard controls. That way, you can avoid these inconveniences and enjoy the game more.

Hyper Scape Game Review

The very first thing that will put you off of Hyper Scape is the fact that it uses an Action Game format instead of an adventure or role-playing type format. It doesn’t help that the in-game menu system allows you to switch between 3D and 2D perspectives, and you’ll quickly become disoriented. If you ever want to take on a high-level mission, you’ll be forced to fight through battles with the likes of Mega bots and angry ghosts, and unless you have sufficient knowledge in first-person combat, this can prove extremely frustrating.


The one positive thing that Hyper Scape has going for it is the fact that it is free-to-play. Most free MMORPGs require you to grind or buy Gold to get better gear and weapons, which can become fairly expensive after a while. In addition, most freebies are pretty much limited to one or two weapons and/or levels, so you won’t be able to advance too far. This is not the case, however, with Hyper Scape. You start off with only your first two weapons, and you can find quite a few high-end weapons, including the powerful “Chaos” weapon and the helpful “Time Bomb.”


You also have the option of having two characters in Hyper Scape. Your first character is called the “Resident,” and when you save the game and reload it, your second character becomes the “Ghost.” Using your abilities from each character will let you switch between the two characters, allowing you to take on the roles of both “Resident” and “Ghost.” The difference between the two characters is simple–you have access to a special ability that your original character doesn’t have. This allows you to have a little more freedom in utilizing your abilities, as you can attack without taking damage from enemy attacks, and you can restore point instead of gaining it every time you level up.


There are many different strategies that players use in Hyper Scape to win battles. You’ll find that you are often forced to take an offensive approach, using powerful attacks to clear an area and then moving in to attack a weak point with more powerful skills. The main problem with this strategy is that you are never sure how far your enemies can reach you, and it can be difficult to determine if they have killed you or not. Also, you should always be alert in battles, watching for any sign that an enemy has finished regenerating. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just watch an enemy die, you have to do something about it before the Scape timer runs out! If you can find an enemy that regenerates slowly, you can restore point with a high grade weapon and finish the fight quickly.


The final strategy in Hyper Scape is called the crown rush. The purpose of this strategy is to take down as many opponents as possible with powerful moves, then transferring to another player, where you use high grade weapons to kill them instantly and restore yourself to full health. Because each turn in combat in Hyper Scape takes a certain amount of time, you have about 5 seconds to attack with a high damage skill if need be, or you can move to a new location and wait for the other player to come to you. Once the other player comes, you can use a powerful skill that deals massive damage and then quickly move to the side, letting your high damage skill do the rest of the work! Once you’ve killed all the opponents, you get to move back to the starting point, and the game ends as a tie between the player with the most gold and the player with the most levels.


Hyper Scape is fun for people of all ages, thanks to its unique take on the action genre. I don’t know if there will ever be another hack like Scape that offers everything this one does, and I doubt there are any other games like this that are still around in which case Hyper Scape is really not a game you want to miss. A fun and addicting game that will keep you coming back to try and figure out how to max out your skills and get the best equipment!