Monument Valley Mobile Game

Monument Valley is one of the most downloaded apps in iTunes and it is very popular in iPad’s App Store as well. The Monument Valley Mobile Game was developed by Waywire and was released in June 2021. This game has received several accolades since its release and has been featured on several gaming sites. Below you will find three of the best advantages and disadvantages of using this app.

Monument Valley Mobile Game

Why Play Monument Valley?

Advantages of Monument Valley: One advantage that this Monument Valley Mobile Game has been that it provides an easy-to-use interface for both iPhone and iPad users. It is very user-friendly and is perfectly designed for both casual gamers and hardcore gamers. The Monument Valley apps feature a mixture of both adventure and puzzle games that can be enjoyed by all age groups. In this game, you can plant trees and use them to build up your town. Your task is to keep those trees healthy by harvesting trees or by doing various gardening tasks.

There are also several achievements in the Monument Valley mobile game that can be achieved by users. However, you need to make sure that you perform all of them to be able to unlock the more difficult ones. You can also build up your town by purchasing different structures such as houses and stores. If you wish, you can also upload some photographs to share your images with other players.

Cons of Monument Valley

Disadvantages of Monument Valley: Some people say that this Monument Valley Apps is not as challenging as other similar apps in the App Store. This is probably because many people do not have enough experience with playing Monument Valley. Some say that its difficulty level is not as challenging as other apps but to tell the truth, we really didn’t find a significant difference between the regular and challenging modes. Some say that the challenges in the app might be too hard for players who haven’t played the Monument Valley mobile games before.

A few players pointed out some bugs in the Monument Valley apps. These bugs have been fixed in the latest updates but there are still some that we have not found yet. For example, when we clicked on the first picture in our gallery, it would say that there was a problem but when we clicked on the next picture, it said that there was no problem. There were also some instances where the game would freeze up. This issue has also been fixed in the latest updates.

In addition, some players complained that the older versions of these apps contain spyware and adware that are not allowed to be downloaded. According to them, these apps are violating the Apple’s terms of service because it encourages illegal downloads. This means that the developers of these apps have a way of getting paid from ads while they are selling these apps for a fee. Apple does not allow apps that have spyware and adware to be sold on their platform. In fact, Steve Jobs himself has stated that there will be more controls put on apps that will require a fee to be downloaded from the App Store.

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The Monument Valley Facebook page has also been discussed by Chris Evans and Matt Damon on Twitter. They said that the Monument Valley Facebook application is really good and recommended by them. When we checked it out on our iPhone, it also looks pretty good. Apart from that, they said that Steve Sinclair, the CEO of two, is a genius.


So, overall, we can say that the iPhone version of this app is pretty good. The features are very easy to use and the interface is clear and clean. It’s also recommended for kids aged 6 years and below. The free version only allows players to explore one level of the game at a time and it’s up to them to use the weapons and move through the levels. The one-month premium version allows players to access four levels and the in-game purchases and achievements also help enhance the game experience.

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