Mordhau – A Fantasy Role Playing Game

Like many other old-school arcade games, you can’t help but be drawn into the dark fantasy world of Mordhau during its first few minutes. With 64 available players slashing and hacking across open medieval battlefields, Mordhau has blood, guts, and action. But those bloody combatants and severed limbs hide what’s one of the most sophisticated melee combat systems ever designed in a video game. And that’s just what this Game Walkthrough is going to present to you.


In essence, it will teach you everything you need to know about playing the game of Mordhau. From the time you start the game up to the end, you’ll fight and kill enemy characters, take part in many battles, earn upgrades, and participate in a wide range of quests and exploration sequences. It’s just that the whole experience becomes more intense as you progress through the game. There are even special rooms within the game’s map that change with each level. You can spend as much time exploring these rooms as you want, mastering the intricacies of their design and layout, and perfecting your fighting and winning skills.

Mordhau - A Fantasy Role Playing Game

You start out the game as a warrior, newly promoted to a Viking captain. You and your new allies fight your way through enemy territory, leveling up and gaining experience points along the way. Then, you’re ordered to a nearby castle to defeat some trolls and ogres. After you do so, you are then called to another meeting where you learn that a giant named Boadhagh is threatening to attack the rest of the army. You, your friends, and some new allies must band together to repel Boadhagh’s army and destroy the legendary demon.


Combat in Mordhau is both brutal and realistic, with every enemy having its own strategy for attack and defense. When you attack an enemy, they are forced to take cover behind barriers or retreat, which often means that you can easily pick them off one by one. You can also use teamwork to take down larger foes, although you will only be able to do this after you’ve dispatched all of your previous opponents. If you’re the sort of player who enjoys working together to defeat enemies and complete missions, then you’ll love playing as a group of Vikings in Mordhau.


The primary action in Mordhau takes place on the ground, as you engage in medieval melee combat. You will fight both using swords and wands, though you are allowed to switch to a mace whenever you wish. In addition to using a mace during battle, you can also use a shield. However, you are not allowed to use a weapon unless your team has a ranged weapon as well. As you progress through the game, you will learn more about the other members of your team and how they can help you succeed, so you can choose which weapons to use at certain times.


The goal of most battles in Mordhau is to conquer the opposing team until only one team remains. Once the team maximum players are defeated, the tide changes, and each team is given 10 minutes to fight before time runs out. If you are able to defeat all of your opponents during this time, you win the game. Unlike most forms of medieval combat, though, your goal is not necessarily to eliminate all of your opponents but to remain the last team standing. The goal is simply to last as long as possible, so try to group up your moves and conserve your attacks for when an opening presents itself.


If you enjoy the opportunity to fight alongside other characters, you will love the concept of the multiplayer mode in Mordhau. This allows you to team up with fellow online players to take on the grueling combat offered in this medieval combat game. Since this mode is multiplayer combat, you won’t always have a chance to practice your fighting skills against a fellow player before going into a fight with him or her in person. However, it does give you an opportunity to get familiar with the various rules and strategies of the game and perhaps look ahead to what you might encounter in an actual battle.


You’ll find that in addition to the single-player action in the single-player mode in Mordhau, there is also an exciting campaign mode that gives you the chance to be involved in even more intense combat. In campaign mode, you are allowed to command your own group of soldiers, creating your own strategy and tactics. You can choose whether to attack from the front, making a frontal assault on the enemy’s position. Or, you can choose to take a more defensive approach, using the many defensive positions available to trap the enemy. Regardless of what type of combat you prefer, you will find that there is a level of complexity and detail to the game that will keep you interested for hours on end.