Saints Row 4 – Cheats and Trophies in This Game

If you are wondering how to get cheats in Saints Row 4, then this article will reveal all of the secrets that even some of the biggest Saints Row fans have been looking for. After playing Saints Row: The Golden Abyss for a couple of hours, I discovered one extremely useful cheat that not only made the game more enjoyable but allowed me to get the most upgrades and weapons in the game as quickly as possible. This quick guide will reveal all of the best cheats for Saints Row 4 that you can use. All of the methods listed here are explained in detail below.

If you have completed the earlier part of the story in Saints Row 4, you can continue the story with a new mission. This mission is named ” LOCAL RESCUE – Pier”, and it requires you to locate three missing vans in a car crash. The vans contain money, and if you manage to bring them back to the correct location without triggering any alarms, you will be given a bonus. Locating all the vans will unlock all the money in Saints Row 4, so try your luck while searching the indicated locations to find all the money in Saints Row 4!

Saints Row 4 - Cheats and Trophies in This Game

A very interesting mission in Saints Row 4 is called “REFlected.” If you managed to collect all the souls during the introductory cut-scenes, you will start the mission and see a cinematic that shows Vito and The Boss having a heated discussion about whether or not The Protagonist should save or kill his partner. In order to make things easier, you can use the reference during cheat, which allows you to skip the cut-scenes. This cheat also has the added bonus of making The Boss fight The Protagonist more effortlessly, something he often struggles with. Using the reference during cheat will unlock this mission for free.

A rare but useful mission in Saints Row 4 is called ” CRAFT.” The objective of this mission involves finding three missing craftwork crates in a parking lot in the city. These crates contain different types of vehicles, ranging from a limo to an ambulance. Completing this mission without triggering any alarms results in a 500 Saints Points bonus. However, if you trigger an alert, The Game will lock you out of the garage, forcing you to look for help in the sewers.

One of the greatest and most challenging achievements in Saints Row 4 is called “REFLECTING.” The main challenge of this mission involves finding The Conduit, The Big Daddies, and The Chronomancer, and unlocking their secrets. You have to locate The Conduit and The Big Daddies and defeat them before they escape the city using a portal. The objective is also easier if you have access to the multiplayer maps because these two characters are rare spawns and you have a limited amount of time to use them to your advantage. This bonus is also obtainable if you purchase the expansion pack.

Another challenge in Saints Row 4 is the alien invasion. The objective of this mission involves taking care of hostile aliens that have invaded the city. There are two types of aliens in this game; friendly aliens and enemy aliens. To do this job successfully, you have to kill both the friendly and enemy aliens in a single session by triggering the correct panel to make them fall to the ground, after which you have to collect their organs which can be used for creating new bodies for the remaining aliens. You also need to make sure that you have collected all the green energy cells as well as received five upgrades for this achievement.

In Saints Row: The Final Mission, players can do three final missions to finish the game. These are named “A New Beginning”, “icideution” and “Hostile Takeover”. The “A New Beginning” mission involves rescuing three civilians who were being attacked by aliens in the city and then planting bombs in strategic areas to destroy the enemy. The ” Murders” mission is all about collecting all the blood drops by shooting enemy soldiers and the ” Massacre” mission involves rescuing all the humans that were taken hostage by the aliens in the city. The “Hostile Takeover” mission requires the player to escort a soldier to the extraction zone while fighting against the aliens in opposition to this objective.

Apart from the trophies in Saints Row IV, there are other items and DLC that can also be used to increase the game score. Two cheats are available in this game that can help you in scoring more goals. These are the Super achiever cheat codes and the All Star cheat codes. All cheat codes start off with a specific value that needs to be entered to get started with the code. Following the instructions will enable you to gain access to these codes and enables you to play the game at a faster pace as well. However, even if you know of such codes and have obtained them through Saints Row IV, it is advisable to save the game before using them as some parts of these cheats might require you to restart your game from the point where you saved the game previously.