Subway Surfers Mobile Game – An Online Multiplayer Mobile Game

Subway Surfers is an excellent game. And two more things, you swear you update apps for bugs, but where’s it? You can’t see anything for updates. What I want to know is, where’s the game? I swear I’ll show you where it is, but first…

Let’s start with what makes this app fun. Unlike other similar apps (such as Plants vs Zombies or Doraemon), Subway Surfers has a unique take on the game mechanics. For example, when you play Subway Surfers, you start off by unlocking the ability to ride popular trains such as the Train, the Rocket, and the Elephant. However, you also gain unlimited keys to use on each train. That’s right, unlimited keys to unlock features. You can also buy a pack of coins that you can use on all trains for a limited time to speed up your gameplay.

Subway Surfers Mobile Game

Aside from being able to purchase power ups at certain stages of the game, users also have a chance to score points based on their performance during each level. However, there is a problem – the score you receive for a particular level is lower than usual. This is a bug that pops up randomly while you play. It’s really frustrating especially when you spend so much time gaining points only to not get them when you need them most during the actual game.

Users also have the chance to earn stars based on how they fare in each stage. There are also times when you earn multiple stars. The icons for these stars highlight the various tasks you have completed throughout the levels. You can see your progress through the in-game guide, which helps a lot since it tells you exactly where you stand.

Some people do not like the fact that there is a short playtime. They would prefer to play for more hours than here time. Well, I think you’re the only one who doesn’t like this feature. It seems like there is no other way to give players more time to enjoy this fun game than by including more levels and extending them for more hours. I would suggest that developers include more levels and extend them for at least two more weeks.

Another thing that users don’t like about Subway Surfers is its similarity with competing games. There are already too many games with similar concepts in the mobile industry. It’s kind of a turn off to see the same concept being recycled over again. This is the case with this game as well. Although it’s fun to play, it isn’t exactly a mind-blowing experience. I say this because the graphics aren’t really that amazing and the game rarely involves anything complex.

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Despite these complaints, Subway Surfers is still a decent game to play. It’s fun, engaging and also offers some nice features. Users can engage in online challenges with friends to see who has the best score. It also offers users the option to purchase upgrades for additional game types, meaning that you won’t be stuck playing the same level for quite a while.

The game can also be played free of charge on the internet. Users can simply access their cellular phones and start playing from there. Although the game is available on other mobile devices, users may find it best to play the game on their smartphones. It also provides the player with the option to connect with their Facebook and Twitter accounts so they can get notifications when someone places new orders at their favorite restaurant. So, if you want to have a fun and exciting activity that also doubles as a social networking mechanism, then you should definitely check out Subway Surfers.

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