System Shock 2 PC Game Review

System Shock 2 is a late 1999 action-packed, cybernetically-themed action role playing survival horror video game developed by Cryptic Studios and co-designed by Irrational Games and Looking Glass Studios. Initially intended to be a single player game, its storyline was subsequently changed during development into a second game known as System Shock 2. The game is set in the Pacific Northwest in present-day America, following a nuclear war. Your mission is to investigate the causes of the nuclear explosion and figure out if sabotage was involved or if nuclear weapons were involved.


To play as the protagonist in the second game, you can switch between third-person view and first-person view by using the keyboard arrow keys and the space bar. Using the mouse, you can use the left mouse button to zoom in and out, the right mouse button to move objects, and use the space bar to lock your focus on an object. The keyboard arrow keys are used to aim your weapon and to switch between first-person view and third-person view. The game uses the third person perspective in which you are the only character in the dark, with the camera tracking your actions and pointing straight ahead.

System Shock 2

Unlike the first-person shooter games of the 1990s, the role Playing system in System Shock 2 offers more than just gun fire and melee combat. Although it doesn’t utilize the ” VAT ” (future currency) system of the original, it does offer character customization similar to that seen in the classic games of this genre. Character customization is achieved by earning experience points and leveling up throughout the game. There is also a selection of eleven different guns which unlock additional abilities and attributes for the gamer to utilize in their battle against the enemies.


The character customization is especially good because you can get various combinations of gear. There are also night dive suits which are a bit more advanced than your typical diving suit. Although you don’t have a degree of mobility like in the classic games of this genre, the night dive suit still provides a significant advantage in this PC gamer’s arsenal of weapons.


The dark engine has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to provide a fast-paced action packed experience. The original System Shock featured an engine with a very little animation and was quite unpolished by today’s standards. The dark engine in System Shock 2 is very smooth and has a cinematic quality to it. The developers used the opportunity to improve the visuals significantly and provide an extremely crisp and lifelike world. The result is that the characters and enemies appear to have depth and a life of their own.


In addition to the improved visuals, the dark engine also allows the developers to create more intense gameplay. No longer will you be forced to simply hack and slash your way through the environment. In fact, you’ll need to think, plan, and work out strategic strategies to beat your enemies.


Perhaps one of the most interesting features that the developers of System Shock 2 implemented into the game was the ability to select your own character. You aren’t playing as some generic humanoid like in the first-person shooter games of yesteryear. Instead, you are playing as a member of the Pliskin Corporation, a secret government organization dedicated to researching paranormal technologies. Your objective is to investigate the haunted mental institution that housed the original Pliskin experiments, gather clues, and solve puzzles to uncover the truth. By playing as Pliskin Corporation agent, you’ll explore the halls, rooms, corridors, and stairways of the facility while battling a never-ending stream of malevolent entities.

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Although the storyline of System Shock 2 is extremely disturbing and engrossing, the true reason you are seeking these virtual hallucinations is the sheer fun of the game’s complex puzzles and combat mechanics. Pliskin agents are equipped with psionic powers – including telekinesis, mind control, and the ability to command other humans via telepathy – which give them a distinct advantage over regular enemies. There are also numerous hidden items and secret areas to discover as you battle through the numerous levels and missions. The story is revolved around a conflict involving the evil plans of a mad scientist and his lackeys who seek to use these psionic abilities for their own personal gain.