The Dark Queen of Krynn – A Computer Game Review

The Dark Queen of Krynn, also known as Nergal the Witch of the East, is the latest in a trio of Dragonlance advanced dungeons & dragons role-playing computer games. The game was originally released in 1992. It is the ultimate role playing game, with hundreds of hours of gameplay, including non-stop action scenes that are like those found in a novel. The graphics are very life-like and extremely realistic, and the whole game feels like you are a part of it. You can play the game on both the keyboard and the joystick.


In the game, you control not only the main character, but also the entire Krynn colony including the death knights, the champions, and the wights. The Dark Queen of Krynn, like the other dragons in the game, is locked in an eternal struggle against the gods for the control of her domain. As she fights her enemies, she rises to be known as the strongest and most cunning of all the dragons.

The Dark Queen of Krynn

Unlike the other dragons in the game, The Dark Queen has special powers and abilities unique to her own kind. As she fights her enemies, she transforms herself into different animals and into powerful magical beings capable of destroying entire cities. The Dark Queen of Krynn has the ability to summon ice magics, create weather, and turn the water of several lakes into a deadly force.


The computer game plays much like any other computer game. You select your character, then make choices and spend points to upgrade your capabilities. The entire game is set in Krynn, a world filled with magic, mystery, and romance. It is up to you to uncover the truth and to use your powers to overcome the evilness of the elves, peruse the fantasy novels, and defeat the evil queen. Although there is very little in the way of the story in The Dark Queen of Krynn, the characters and the skills that are available are very intriguing.


The first time I was engaged in playing the game online, I was confused about how the characters worked and what powers they had. The characters included in the game, while having different names, seemed to follow a common theme and it was easy to understand them. The interface was fairly clean, and even included helpful help text whenever you had a problem. In addition to helping you control the characters in the game, the interface provided a nice tutorial that explained in detail how to play. There was also an opportunity to play the game using the preview button, which demonstrated both how easy it was to play and how engaging the game could be for those who really picked it up.


The interface does leave something to be desired. It is extremely difficult to keep track of where you last saved your progress, the tutorial did leave me confused as to how to control my characters and how to proceed through the game. If you have never played The Dark Queen of Krynn before, then you may want to wait until you have some time playing the game on a computer before trying this one.


The graphics are not particularly spectacular. It is apparent that the developers chose a lower resolution than the average computer game to create this game, but considering the rest of the game is in 3D it doesn’t seem like that was a necessity. The characters are drawn with a low level of detail, however, that does not take away from the actual gameplay experience. The rest of the interface makes sense and functions flawlessly, leaving no doubt that the developers put a lot of effort into the making of this game. The only minor gripe I have is that if you happen to get bored with the storyline, then you will need to restart the game, but other than that this is an excellent point-and-click computer game.

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The only minor glitch I can think of is the fact that the game does not autosave when you make a decision, but this is really hard to notice due to the fantastic storyline and action sequences. Overall, The Dark Queen of Krynn was well worth a download. It is a fantastic PC game and one that I recommend to anyone who enjoys role playing or adventure games. Enjoy The Dark Queen of Krynn!