Toon Blast Mobile Game Review

Toon Blast is a brand new puzzle and arcade game that will allow you to experience fun, challenging levels filled with a great deal of colorful and creative graphics. The unique and exciting concept will take you on an adventure that is set in the not so distant future, in the 20th century. You will help Joe, a young boy, to save his town from the clutches of the evil pirates and save it from bankruptcy.

This all new flash game offers exciting challenges and endless fun. This Toon Blast Mobile Game is available for free download from its official website, which gives you unlimited coins. You have to complete tasks and missions to advance to the next level. Toon Blast Mobile Game has several engaging features that will make you addicted to this game. Here are some of the features:

Toon Blast Mobile Game

Toon Blast Mobile Game has various challenges and goals that will make you feel like a kid again. This cool puzzle mobile game has several engaging and cool themed levels. It also offers the option of choosing from several different challenges that can be played single-player or versus the computer. You can also try a different puzzle every day, by selecting the different difficulty levels. Toon Blast offers endless fun and satisfaction, as you will never get tired of playing this cool puzzle game.

You can cash in your points and buy additional tools for the sport. Toon Blast has a cash shop where you can buy and sell everything needed for the game. You also earn money while playing this Toon Blast game. If you are tired of the daily challenges, you can upgrade your machine to a higher level and select different toons to battle the evil pirates. You earn unlimited money in this unlimited toons flash puzzle mobile game.

Toon Blast offers two game modes which include, Story mode and Multiplayer mode. Story mode is the traditional method of playing where you take control of a character and start to defeat the enemies. As you progress through the challenges in the game, you will see different ships being destroyed by your hero. You can earn money as you destroy each ship. The multiplayer mode of Toon Blast has several challenging levels where you can put your skill against other players and compete with them to earn money and challenge their friends.

You have the option of controlling either a male or female character who is shown as an animated figure on the top of the screen. You can choose different weapons as well as upgrades for your ship that give you increased abilities. Toon Blast can prove to be an entertaining experience if you enjoy building up your inventory by destroying enemy ships and collecting gold. There are different types of gold and other items that are used to purchase new Toon Bases and weapons.

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Toon Blast Mobile has some interesting challenges that let you build up your money, buy new Toon Bases, and challenge other players. Some of the challenges available in this game include defending a base while being shot at, destroying the most number of ships in a set time period, and so forth. Toon Blast challenges are fun and easy to complete. If you think that these challenges are too easy to beat, then you can always try the advanced levels where you can unlock better weapons and additional upgrades to help you fight more difficult challenges.

Toon Blast is a fantastic flash-based mobile game that can be played by individuals of any age. It is suitable for users with a good grasp of their mobile phone keyboard. Since the game requires no downloading of any kind, it can be played directly from your device. Toon Blast Mobile offers excellent graphics that provide a world-like feel to the game. It is a great time killer and also provides the player with a competitive edge against other players.

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