Warframe Computer Game

Warframe is an MMORPG that is set in the sci-fi universe. The player fights enemies using powerful robots, known as “Tennins”, that are controlled by the player themselves. These powerful robots can be customized and developed further to become stronger and more impressive. Using these robots, the player takes on the role of mercenary fighting against a variety of enemy armies who all try to destroy the player and their precious allies.

Warframe Computer Game

What is Warframe?

Although this is an extremely popular MMORPG with millions of users from around the world, Warframe is much more than this. While it does have a storyline to follow, Warframe features many other aspects that players find exciting. There are numerous factors that players find to be highly enjoyable such as the various types of Tennins, the unique gameplay mechanics, the different types of weapons and vehicles, as well as the ability to build and customize their personal bases. All of these things can make Warframe a popular game with many gamers. However, there are some issues that can make playing Warframe a bit difficult.

One of the biggest issues with Warframe is the difficulty of acquiring and upgrading the different types of weapons and vehicles available to the player. Some of the more common weapons and vehicles include the Sentinal, Lotus, and the Relia. Although the Lotus and the Relia are obtainable by all races, they are often restricted to low-level units. Players often have to work through a large number of low-level missions and then wait many months later to be able to afford the better models of these two powerful Warframe units.

Another big issue with Warframe involves the inability to save your progress after a battle. This is due to a lack of space stations that is available to the player. This limits players from using starships to transport their characters from one planet to another and gives them less freedom when it comes to building their bases on planets in the outer solar system. There is, however, an option for controlling your clones, called your “armature.” These are robotic characters that you control from a distance using their armaments or other devices. If you lose all of your hard-earned resources fighting on the various planets, your armature will be deactivated and you will start back at the beginning of the mission where you started off the game.

Features of Warframe

One of the best features of Warframe is the ability to select and use three unique classes which are the Asari, the Salarian, and the Turian. These three races each have their own unique abilities that can help you in specific situations, but you must purchase additional skills or items for each race. You can purchase defense or offense gear for your Asari, your Salarian, and your Turian; while you cannot buy any items for the other two races. Once you have unlocked all of the available classes for each race, you can then purchase the items necessary for you to be able to fight against their respective enemies.


Each of the three races possess strengths and weaknesses, but all three are essentially effective in every situation. The Asari possess the ability to heal quickly, giving them an excellent defense against enemy attacks, but they lack the speed of the other races, making them poor at PvP. The Salarians have excellent armor but suffer from poor mobility, often being unable to get back to a safe spot quickly enough to counter an enemy attack. Finally, the Turians possess superior shields but are very poor at dealing direct damage, often needing multiple rounds of healing before they can fight off an opponent.

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Each of the five classes has its own weapons as well as shields, enhancing your character’s ability to cause as much destruction as possible to the opposing faction. As with any other PC game, earning experience and leveling up your character is the most important aspect of gameplay. Warframe gives you the opportunity to do this by acquiring and upgrading weapons and shields as you battle through missions and engage in combat. Although your ship may not be able to do everything that you would like, your ability to effectively target your enemies will make up for it. You can purchase upgrades to make your ships more powerful or even acquire a character to accompany you on your missions that are designed specifically to compliment your skills, improving your chances of accomplishing objectives.

Each of the two main races, the Asari and the Salarians, have several distinct classes of characters that can be customized to fill specific roles. Each class has a special move, attack, or defense power, and each character possesses several additional bonuses and abilities. If you are just starting out, it may be best to start with a character that has the strongest shields and overall durability. Although the goal of the game is to destroy as many enemy ships as possible, it is often wise to focus your attention on protecting the life points of your bases. Asari matriarchs, as well as reapers, can restore health to your bases at a greatly increased rate, thereby giving you an edge in battles.

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