What’s So Great About Scavengers From The New NCIS Game?

There’s no way around it, Scavengers is fun. I’ll be honest, I had been worried about the PC release because I wasn’t sure whether or not it would live up to the expectations which were raised when the game was first revealed. Fortunately, I was not disappointed. Scavengers: The Cats of Cassia is currently sitting at a 97 percent approval rating among online gaming critics. Let’s take a look at some Game Walkthrough and Game Review tips for Scavengers.


Game Information: Scavengers: The Cats of Cassia is a survival based, ‘adventure simulator’ game that puts you in control of a small squad as you explore the eerie and dark forests of eerie Montana. You and your team of scavengers are searching for a long lost team of lost outsiders from Scavengers: The Cats of Cassia. The story behind Scavengers: The Cats of Cassia revolves around a group of teenagers who escaped from the gulag. Now you’re tasked to find these teenagers and retrieve their mysterious ‘Key to the Kingdom’ if you survive the game. If you fail, well, you’ll just have to restart the whole chapter from the beginning.

What's So Great About Scavengers From The New NCIS Game?

Game Walkthrough: The game starts with you following one of your team members into a remote mountain valley. Once there, you encounter a small band of hostile scavengers who seem to be operating on a scorched and desolate planet. Here you’ll encounter several optional missions and quests as you make your way through the eerie and harsh environment of the game.


A few of the optional objectives include finding a way to infiltrate a Scavengers base and collect all the Scavengers crates you missed during your previous excursion, and once you finally encounter a lone Scavenger who leaves his prize behind for you to find and take back to your base. After you return to the base, you are greeted by two hostile storm clouds. One is about to dropship right on your doorstep while the other one is going to drop some advanced weapons and arrange to take you on another team-fight with three AI scavengers.


The first drop ship starts off with its crew of commando type characters who have light armor and no weapons. This is a setup by the Scavenger himself so he can ambush you or one of your other teams as you sneak around and eliminate anyone they spot with precision moves and combat. A few minutes later another dropship appears and it’s armed with an advanced laser weapon capable of taking out any troops you may spot.


If you’ve been playing for a while, you should easily be able to see how to use your dropship. First, you can use your Scan skill to detect the location of the enemy dropships and then engage them with precision moves and attacks. For example, if the Scavengers you encountered used their primary weapons on you, your Scan skill will easily help you to locate and eliminate their primary units. Then, once you located their base camp, set up your Dropship and engage them head-on with your allies while using your Scan skill to locate their weak points such as their vulnerable engines or shields. If you find one of them, set up your Scavenger allies to eliminate it while you take out the other two with your superior weaponry.


Once all of them are gone, you can proceed to finish the rest of the Scavengers and earn more points. However, this is where the real challenge lies because surviving in the wasteland is far tougher than just gunning down enemies. Even with a group of well-trained professionals, your odds of survival are still quite low compared to the enemy. However, the added challenge brought about by playing in the World War 3 Woes mode makes playing as a Scavenger not only a good way to experience the perks of playing as a NCIS professional, but also a good way to hone your combat skills and toughen yourself to be ready for another rough round in the game.


Aside from the ability to get valuable loot and NCIS points, the real appeal of the scavenging in NVO is its ability to encourage teamwork. When surviving in one of the raids or going on a mission as a NCIS Survivor, each member of your team needs to work together to ensure that you won’t be overrun by enemy forces. And if your team is comprised of expert NCIS professionals, they can quickly dispose of entire enemy groups just by sending one group after another using their various tools including Scavengers. As you progress through the game, you’ll find that there will be many other challenges involving scavenging as you attempt to survive and accomplish missions, so do not be put off by the idea of taking up scavenging as another challenge when playing NCIS.