World of ArcheAge – A New Story

ArcheAge Computer Game, the spiritual offspring of Warcraft, has been receiving a lot of criticism. This is mostly because of the in-game purchases. The game is also receiving heavy discounts, with some retailers giving away as much as 50% off. With all this, however, have the advantages and disadvantages gained through the years weighed appropriately? Consider the facts below.

World of ArcheAge - A New Story

Pros of ArcheAge

Pros – Aesthetics and Sound Designer: The art style used in ArcheAge is not as flashy as that employed by World of Warcraft or other games such as Linea I and II, but it is still pretty impressive in its own right. It’s not the over-saturated and over-used environment we’ve grown to expect from modern RPGs (thus the yawn-worthy ‘grassy’ environments in Avernia), but the design does exude a sense of melancholy and nostalgia. There’s also a strong presence of Soviet Russia, reminiscent of the era of Guerrilla warfare. The story is also told using a voice-over, rather than a text interface as is often the case with RPGs of this class.

Pros – Voice Actor and Vocalist: Arjan van der Sloot, the vocalist, and actor who provide the player character with his (very unique) voice, delivers very well. In fact, he is so good, that playing Arche Age feels like you’re actually having a conversation with a person. And the man’s voice is so deep and robust, that you can almost feel him in your bones. There’s a very strong Russian accent to it, and even his dialogue has a definite Russian flavor to it. The voice is definitely worth taking a look at if you want to learn something about the culture and history of ArcheAge.

Cons of ArcheAge

Cons – Not that much. The story, dialogue, and voice actor are what make this game so special compared to similar titles. It’s not that the game is written in English with no comprehensible dialogue, it’s the opposite in fact. The voices are very strong and distinct. You can understand every conversation in ArcheAge, not just the one told to you by the narrator. There’s also a bit of simulation in how certain phrases are pronounced on the dashes of the keyboard.

What I would go for now

What I would go for now: If you really want to get into the mood for exploring the fantasy world of ArcheAge, try the different voices. I really enjoyed each one. Djrak, the male voice; Bjrak, the female voice; and of course the dasha and the RK would go very well. The voice of the warrior would be great too.

Favorite character

My favorite character: The wise warrior, Natalia Tubchaninova, in the interactive book and game known as “Ages ago”. I really like this girl because she has a no-nonsense attitude yet at the same time, is compassionate. She is the one who asks the wise old mage, Djrak to calm down, he is having a hard time getting himself back into the state of mind that is Arche Age.

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The next story I want to tell you about the world of ArcheAge is called, “The Long Con”. This is the tale of Natalia and her fight against the manipulators of the game. In this game, if you do not choose someone to be your mate, the game will think for itself. This was one of the first stories to use the Gagarin i.l.d. which was not present in the Russian language then.

A very interesting character in this game is the bounty hunter named, Maxim who wants to help Natalia discover the secret of the artifacts left behind by the “Gagarin crime lord”. This story also uses a lot of action including a prison break where Natalia gets captured. I believe the use of Gagarin is one of the greatest things that the English version of ArcheAge got rid of. I hope that you will love this interactive story that takes you to a different world, called Arche Age.

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