Dungeon Master – Best Free PC Game

Dungeon Master is a unique role-playing computer game (RTS) based on the fantasy genre. It was developed and released by FTL Games for the Atari ST ( Atari 500) in 1987, almost similar to PC and Amiga ports following a year later. The game was well received and became one of the most popular games for PCs. In 1990, the game was transferred to the PC and the version that is available now features many improvements and add-ons. It also featured an all new interface that was easier and more user friendly than the previous versions.


Dungeon Master retains the classic turn-based role-playing game formula which has always been one of its strong points. In fact, most of the older versions of the game were designed and written by Cryptograms, the makers of the old Cryptogame Gold. There are some differences however and those who played the game loved it, recommending it to other players. The interface is much more streamlined today and it is quite possible to play through the whole thing without having to learn any code or program code. The look and sound are quite nice as well.

Dungeon Master

The story and setting are set in an intricate fantasy world where a hero must enter and defeat many dragons and evil dungeon dwellers. You control a character and can view a third person perspective using a third-person point of view. Using the mouse, you can examine objects and view the scenery. Inventory items can be bought or sold using gold or earned during gameplay. The graphics are fairly colorful and the effects are very nice.


Though the Atari ST version was one of the best RPGs when it was released, the new release lacks many of the quality of the original. The dungeons are large however and the game requires a lot of map reading and clicking. The dungeons are quite short as well, but it is nowhere near as good as the fan-made RPGs that you can find for free on several sites.


Another fan-made RPG that you can play is Chaos Computer. This game is actually a remake of the popular dungeon-crawler Dungeon Master. In this RPG you will play as a dungeon-crawler yourself and will have to fight and explore randomly generated dungeons to level up. The dungeons are quite big and contain monsters of various levels so they should take a while to complete.


Another one of the better RTS games is Age of Empire. Age of Empire is an evolution of the classic tile-and-mortar strategy genre. In Age of Empire, you are in command of both your own fleet and your army. It has a good balance of turns-based gameplay and real-time tactics battles. Unlike other real-time strategies, in Age of Empire, you must plan ahead for attacks on strategic points, which are determined by a random number generator.


One of the most complete RPGs for PC out there is the final fantasy series; Xenosaga. In Xenosaga you play as Jecht, a young man who awakened from a crystal-mind to fight against his deadliest enemies. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where human beings have begun to survive alongside machines, creatures, and other forms of intelligent life.

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For more hardcore role-playing video games, you might consider Demon’s Souls. In Demon’s Souls, you are thrown into a dark world with a strong dark evil. There are few if any tutorials to help you get around the game, and this is a very action-packed game. There are few if any areas that allow exploration, and every enemy you meet is stronger and more dangerous than the last. If you like a more traditional turn-based approach to gaming, you will like Demon’s Souls. If you like a more modern take on the idea of action RPGs, you will probably enjoy The Chronicles of Spellborn.