Ring of Elysium Game Review

Ring of Elysium is a role playing video game which is developed by Neotoma. The game was released in 2010 and is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. You play as Jon and you have to save the World from the Dagon boys who are out to get it for their own reasons. The game is fully customizable and you can change various aspects of the game such as your hair style, skin color, eye color, and even your clothing. There is more to it than that, however, so let’s dive into the Ring of Elysium Walkthrough and Game Review.


How to play Game: The game is played as you travel across the world to fight battles and complete missions. You can choose to be male or female, it has been designed for the single player experience. There is an assortment of different weapons and vehicles you can use including the following: Rocket Launchers, Warhammers, Mortars, Lasers, Gun Ports, Banner Beams, and Destructible Structures. You also have access to the “Detonator” and “Chatterbox” for additional weapon and armor purchases, and of course, vehicle combat.

Ring of Elysium Game Review

Game Walkthrough: What you see is what you get with this PC RTS game. The first two levels are challenging because of the destructible scenery, and you will also run into some of the more difficult PvE elements as well. For instance, there are zombies around which drop health packs every few seconds and which you need to collect in order to recharge your shields. At the start of the level, you will also notice a large group of zombies blocking your path to the objective area. If you go left then you will encounter another large group and so on.


As I mentioned earlier, the Ring of Elysium revolves around a storyline. There is actually quite a bit of lore and background to the game which players aren’t introduced to until much later. This means that, for instance, players who haven’t yet played the original version of Planescape: The Eternity will have little understanding of where the game’s plot comes from. Fortunately, the programmers who ported the game have provided in-game guides for those players who would like to learn a bit more about the setting.


Features and Interactivity: The game has a great deal of player interaction, both during the single player campaign and when players join a multiplayer server together. During the single player campaign you will need to construct towers that players can use to attack the enemy and defend themselves. When doing so, the towers you construct will automatically send out missiles at enemies on your way. These missiles unfortunately will only fly as far as the mouse button, but they do pack quite a punch!


The single player portion of the game allows players to build their character and perform basic tasks such as gathering resources, building items, and interacting with others. However, much more is possible. You can construct a makeshift airship using resources gathered by scrounging, you can train to become a swordsman using materials gathered by mining, you can even choose to be a tank complete with an armor suit to fight off the monsters that are sent to kill you. When you want to engage in a battle against other players or AI-controlled enemies, the ability to use the battle royale game mode can be used.


The starting kit that is given to players upon joining the server can be upgraded. When players purchase the starter kit, there is no way for them to progress through the levels without purchasing the subsequent starter kits. It doesn’t make much sense to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive starting kit only to find that most of it is redundant. By the time players have spent their money, a large number of items have already been placed into the starter kit. This often discourages new players who are looking to start off in a struggling economy.


Even though there is a beginning portion in which all players must start off, I would recommend that you spend a considerable amount of time as you progress through the levels. The final bosses are especially challenging and really serve as a test of your skill. The snowboarding and skiing sequences are especially exciting. The only real complaint I have is that the game does not have any multiplayer. If you are interested in engaging in multiplayer battles, please visit our website to find out more about our upcoming title…