Worms Rumble – An Open Beta For the PS4

Worms Rumble, the first new foray into online multiplayer gameplay for a Worms game, is currently the first spin-off entry into the classic turn-based gameplay found in past Worms games. The game is a unique take on the old, classic turn-based gameplay found in past Worms titles, and provides players with a wide range of different game modes, such as Last Man Standing and Deathmatch. The game allows you to re-create the environment, so you are able to build up your worm colonies in any way you see fit; however, you are also given two types of ammo, which can be changed by spending a certain amount of money.


Game developer Stoic Studio, the folks behind the popular adventure title, managed to combine the highly popular concept of a Worms strategy game with an addictive action theme, creating something truly special. The combination of these two features was superb, resulting in an interesting gameplay experience that delivers a number of fast moving, intense moments. Some of the levels require very little progress to reach the next level, while other levels present significant challenges. Although some portions of gameplay may seem a bit linear, overall the game is well designed and accomplishes several of its goals very well.

Worms Rumble - An Open Beta For the PS4

One of the greatest things about this game is how it successfully combines both a Worms strategy element and an action theme. Many people may remember the older versions of the Worms franchise when the game had the same basic mechanic. You would have to nurture your worm colony, collect items, and generally do everything needed to keep your colony healthy and growing. As you can probably guess, these games were not very fun to play, as they required a good amount of thinking and planning on your behalf. With the release of the PSP version, all of those challenges are taken out, and you’re free to spend more time enjoying the adventure itself.


Worms Rumble, on the other hand, takes some of the concepts that made the original versions so successful and combines them with modern gaming elements that make this version infinitely easier to play. The biggest change, for example, is that you no longer have to nurture your colony using a worm bin. Instead, you now have to engage in a brand new interactive battle royale mode. It’s a fun experience that will really get you going.


Another big difference between the two games is that you don’t have to download anything to play Worms Rumble, as the PSP version simply launches the flash game on your PSP. Instead, you’ll need to log into your Nuka community account. This account is what governs your account using real time gameplay, and gives you access to resources and information that you couldn’t otherwise access. This includes the ability to post your profile, track your progress, and share your strategies with fellow players. All of these features are included in the open beta of the Worms Rumble open beta.


If you’re interested in taking part in the open beta, you’ll first need to download the file. You’ll be able to pick between the two primary game modes: Story and Multiplayer. Once you’ve picked which one you’d like to take part in, you can then log into your Nuka community and start playing immediately. Here you’ll find tutorials on how to handle weapons, battle royales, and build your colony.


If you want to take advantage of the features of Worms Rumble, you’ll need to purchase a code through the PlayStation Store. The code will allow you to enter into the open beta of Worms Rumble at no charge. In addition to playing the game using real time multiplayer, you can also purchase upgrades for your colony and customize your ships. For more information, you can visit the official website. You can also learn more about the game by watching some of the trailers that have been released.


If you enjoyed the trailers, you might also enjoy playing the full version of Worms Rumble. Although this isn’t a beta, the game still offers a lot of the same features that the full game has. These include building, customizing your colony, selecting from a variety of weapons, collecting resources, sending your worms out to battle, and much more. If you’re looking for a new game that you’ll either play single player or multiplayer with friends, then you’ll definitely want to consider taking a look at the new Worms Rumble.